with yourself and others


I work with a wide of range of relationship concerns. From grief in a relationship, how to handle conflict and improve communication. Get in touch if you want to learn more.

Maybe you are navigating a tough time with Grief and Loss.

Maybe the person you are grieving is still with you.

Yes, this is possible.

Perhaps your partner is not willing to engage in therapy.

Or maybe, you are noticing gaps in where you want to be and where you are in your relationships.

Communication is a skill and improving how you handle conflict or your response can be learned with kindness and compassion. We can often have doubts about things getting better, especially If you have never had role models who could show you what healthy relationships look like.

Ultimately you want a better result than what you have been getting.

I get that.

Engaging in counselling to improve your relationship with yourself or others will change how you experience relationships.

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