Parents and Adolescents

You may be feeling out of options and unsure where to turn. It is hard enough seeing our loved ones going through something but with our children, it is different.


Maybe it has been suggested for you to see a professional or quite possibly you have heard from other parents how setting their child up with a Mental Health professional helped. You may be feeling helpless and at a loss. Shouldn’t you be able to help?

Let me reassure you. Sometimes, we need to source support that is away from our emotional attachment. Having your adolescent connect and engage with someone is freeing. When you do something different, you can expect something different and I applaud you on your search to find a new way to do things for your son or daughter.

Gaining tools and strategies or even finding a non emotionally invested viewpoint can help.

I would suggest reaching out for an in person chat with your adolescent to see if we would be a good fit.


Maybe you have been directed to this page by someone who cares for you or you found me through a google search.

I can understand it may be hard for you to make sense of overwhelming emotions or anxiety.

You may have even been told it’s normal to feel anxiety but you no longer want to feel like this. You may have even tried to work on it by yourself but you cannot seem to make sense of how things will get better. You want things to be better. You might even feel you are the only one who feels this way and no one can possibly understand. And you may be right but how will you know if you don’t try talking about it?

Counselling can be good for many different reasons but most of the time, it’s more about how you feel after. I can promise you something, opening up to a mental health professional can make things better.


By learning new ways to cope- these may be skills you can learn and use. You may already be doing a few things well already but just need someone to point it out so you notice.

A different viewpoint and suggestions on new ways to respond

Looking at the way you feel about yourself- Yes, this is important. 

Noticing what you’re doing right- Yes, you are doing something right! 

By being honest and a little kinder to yourself as you learn.

One more thing to note;  Did you know that whatever happens in session, is between you and I? It is important for you to know however that if you are wanting to harm yourself or others, I have an obligation to report this.

Your parents may ask from time to time how your sessions are. It is important for you to know that I will say if you are engaging (participating in the sessions or if the sessions are going well). No details will be shared with anyone unless it is about your safety or others. This means it is your session and your space to discuss, ponder and work on a few things.

Not every mental health professional will be the right fit and this can’t be forced but I encourage you to come to an intake session to see how you feel. Your input in this process is important.

I look forward to meeting you in person or video soon.

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