EP. 31

Conversations with SW Averill

Episode Overview

Join Tammy Roche for a new episode of Social Worker in Private Practice.

This week I chat with special guest Averill. Averill became a Registered Social Worker in 2007 and earned her Masters in Public Health in 2018. She started Next Step Online Therapy in 2021 to respond to the increasing need for mental health supports during the pandemic. Drawing from her own lived experience as someone with ADHD, she began to specialize in adult ADHD in her private practice. Averill loves supporting people to tune into themselves more deeply, practice skills, and navigate their multifaceted lives. Averill is also a project coordinator at the BC Centre on Substance Use where she supports the development of national and provincial substance use treatment guidelines. 

To learn more about Averill, or to get in touch with her, you can check out her website below: 


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